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Making the Best of a Permanent Pay Freeze (2011)
Why No Serious? A Case for Idealism in an Era of Constant Irony (2011)
Free Art video lecture (2011)
Why You Should Make Yourself Someone Else Online (2011)
The Wealth of Pointlessness, Part 1 (2011)
New Productive Systems (2011)
I Don't Want To Die Alone: A Response to Dispersion By Seth Price (2011)
Friend Request from My Mom (2011)
Obsession with Compression (2011)
The Roll of Trolls in Consensual Internet Surveillance (2011)
Incompatible Systems: The Contending Philosophies of Scarcity and Ubiquity in Contemporary Art (2011)
A Response to Taking My Lumps in Media Criticism Class (2011)
Naive and Native Are Only One Letter Apart (2010)
From Clubs to Affinity: The Decentralization of Art on The Internet (2010)
The Minor League (2010)
Notes on ASSEMBLY (2010)
What Relational Aesthetics Can Learn From 4Chan (2010)
The Emergence of Dual Sites (2010)

Projects, Events, Systems:
Blind Mist (2011)
QR Code Digital Drugs (2011)
Exhibition Proposal: PA (2011)
Joyce Jordan (2010)
The Internet Artist (2010)
The Jogging Commemorative (Youtube Billboard Top 100) (2010)
Full Jogging Archive 2009-2010
An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers (2010)
Ready or Not It's 2010

Bunny Rogers
Devin Kenny

Archived Reading Group texts (2010-2011)
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